Maverick Legal Marketing Presents – 

The Ultimate Copywriting Blueprint for Lawyers™

Get an MBA level crash course on copywriting before the price jump. You can succeed on the Internet, right now, with this user friendly system, just for lawyers.

Discover how to transform your law practice by attracting endless new clients applying powerful sales psychology, subliminal persuasion secrets, and brilliant content that converts “eye-balls” into more clicks, calls, or new client appointments that show up at your law firm.

Attract actual clients that are ready to sign a contingency contract, or cut a juicy retainer check to hire you as their lawyer.
All this and more waits for you once you discover how to write brilliant sales copy that converts!

This Revolutionary Course Is Designed Specifically For Attorneys Who Want To Dominate And Destroy Their Local Competition – Includes My Latest Blueprints, Formulas, And Proven Templates For Writing Effective Copy (World Class Copywriting Secret Now Revealed)

Inside, you’ll finally discover how to:

  • The exact stet-by-step method to position your law firm as the “only” option by writing copy that sizzles, as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with a prospect (following this formula is vital to converting more prospects into calls, clicks, and appointments from your online efforts).

  • Get your hands on a proven list of “power words” that transform your boring website content into a powerful sales machine that works even while you sleep (at converting eyeballs into profitable new clients who pay, refer, and use your law firm again, and again).

  • Apply the “slippery slide” formula of hyper-responsive marketing (write copy that makes your phone ring off the hook with highly motivated prospects).

  • Use a proven question and answer formula that grabs your prospects attention  (with intense online competition these days you need a proven Q&A formula that influences prospects to call NOW)!

  • Develop scorching hot headlines, hooks, and grabbers that make prospects want to know more about your law firm (finally create neck-snapping headlines that command attention).

  • Apply the ultimate bullet point blueprint that drives desire for your services (instantly stand out from your biggest competitor who’s investing heavily to attract the same exact client).

  • Logically present your legal fees so prospects see you as the right attorney, even if you’re ten times more expensive than your competition (you don’t have to reduce your fees to attract more cases).

  • The “secret” risk reversal formula that can help you double, even triple your new client sign-ups, plus a whole lot more!

I’m proud of the “Ultimate Copywriting Blueprint for Lawyers™” giving you proven “fill-in-the-blank” short cuts, along with all the key elements for attracting unlimited new clients.

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