Our Purpose Is To Increase Your Bottom Line Profits –

Our mission is to help you dominate and destroy your competition by exploiting their online weaknesses! Our direct marketing team provides real world solutions that position you as the “obvious” choice.

Attorneys are forced to practice in an over saturated, “kill or be killed” legal market. In order to thrive, you need cost effective methods that consistently generate more new clients, referrals, and repeat business.

It Doesn’t Matter …

Whether you are $150,000.00 (or more) in student loan debt, Maverick Lawyer Marketing will help you quickly turn your financial nightmare right side UP!

If you’re a new associate who must earn your keep living hand to mouth, or a seasoned trial lawyer who’s looking to build a predictable stream of “profitable” cases to support your vision, lifestyle, and most of all, your family.

Then Keep Reading …

You have discovered the only direct response website for lawyers in the world that reveals marketing solutions that NOT 1 out of 10,000 lawyers knows exists.

Discovering how to apply these hidden secrets will put you lightyears ahead of your competition, professionally! These secrets have been jealously guarded by some of the savviest lawyers and sharpest entrepreneurs for decades who build lucrative businesses from scratch.

Lawyers continue to struggle to make ends meet having to compete against MEGA law firms in this new economic environment, while forced to practice in a dog-eat-dog marketplace.

Yet, you would much rather devote your time, resources, and efforts directly engaged in representing “high profit” clients that happily pay, refer, and use your law firm again and again.

Whether you’re fresh out of law school, starting out from scratch with ZERO clients expected to generate business for the firm, or a polished trial lawyer, we will show you proven methods that position you as the “go to” expert of choice (no matter your experience level).

Have You Been In Practice For 3 To 7 Years?

Are you dazed by the day-to-day grind of operating a law firm, struggling to grow your practice, feeling burnt-out, or even depressed by the overwhelming growth of your local competition?

Like a breath of fresh air you will discover an “easy-to-implement,” ZERO pressure, endless referral methodology that will quickly transform your database of clients into an automated salesforce, right NOW!

Every Successful Lawyer Knows …

That “word-of-mouth” business is the key to sustained financial growth. In fact, I bet 80% of the income you generated last month came directly from a referral!

Attorneys who come to Maverick Lawyer Marketing for real world solutions are the visionaries, innovators, and lawyers who lead the pack by positioning themselves as the “go to” experts of choice, because of their passion to practice law.

Our Triple Win Profit Guarantee –

Our triple win profit guarantee is this: We give at least ten times more value than what we ask for in return.
It’s just that simple!

Maverick Lawyer Marketing provides:

  • 1. Inner-Circle Coaching (By Invitation Only)

  • 2. Closed Door Maverick Mastermind Events

  • 3. Law Practice Transformation Makeovers

  • 4. Done For You Social Media Marketing

  • 5. Direct Response Ghostwriting Services For Your Website

  • 6. Blockbuster SEO Blog Marketing

  • 7. Content That Converts

  • 8. Customized Sequenced Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Opt-In List

Plus, we provide more FREE resources on legal marketing for attorneys who are driven to become world class entrepreneurs.  Rather than continue to drive themselves insane, as if they’re rowing a Roman slave ship, just to make ends meet.

Meet Maverick –

Welcome! Hello, my name is Jonathan E. Bank, call-sign “Maverick!”  I got started in business a little over two decades ago by ghostwriting an ad for a good friend who operated a small business in town.  After his ad started generating leads, I was hooked for life!

I can still remember locking myself in my basement for five consecutive days writing, then rewriting my very first advertorial style ad.

After I was finished, I placed my advertorial ad in a trade journal (mind you, this was pre-internet). Once it was published, I couldn’t believe what happened next, you bet I was blown away …

I had my very first prospect, who requested my information.

Sure, it was just one prospect, however over the next 24 hours a significant number of leads started pouring in that wanted to know more. That’s when I knew I was on to something that would change my life forever.

After a few short years, my company continued to grow and expand all from that tiny little advertorial style ad which turned into a successful business helping business owners dominate their marketplace.

Over time, I started getting letters from people asking me to ghostwrite content for their business, as well as teach them how to successfully launch their own marketing campaigns using my tactics, strategies, and formulas.

I devoted several years of my life creating successful training programs that show entrepreneurs exactly how to transcend the mundane “hamster wheel” of day-in-day-out grind at the office.

Now I show attorneys how to become successful entrepreneurs, rather than slaving away like the rest of the profession, who go on to suffer from chronic depression because they never get to spend quality time with their family.

Now you will quickly discover how to implement time tested formulas and systems for attracting more “high profit” clients, referrals, and endless repeat business.

My team will show you the best practices that consist of tools, tactics, and techniques to quickly grow your law practice through

     1. Strategic New Client Acquisition

     2. Word-of-Mouth Referral Automation

     3. Done for You Social Media Marketing (you won’t find anywhere else on the planet).

We help new and seasoned attorneys who subscribe every day to our online newsletter, blog, podcast, and training videos from all over the world who visit this website.

Look, while you’re thinking about it, take action by joining our distinguished list of “Marketing Mavericks,” who are the best of the best in our profession by getting your three blueprints for FREE, right now!

Your law practice will thank you for it, in fact, we guarantee it.  Make sure to get your three blueprints while you’re thinking about it (take this small step towards changing your life) … “Position Your Law Firm As The “Obvious” Choice In A Saturated Legal Market, By Clicking The Link Directly Below!

Do it NOW, so in 12 months you can be implementing the best kept secrets in the world for lawyers who want to attract more lucrative clients.  Discover the secrets that your competition hopes you never find out about!


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