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Content Marketing For Busy Lawyers™

I Write Content.

About Your Practice Area.
So You Make More Legal Fees.
Now, that's right to the point, crystal clear, with no hyped-up headline. Right?

Because, that’s exactly what I do for savvy lawyers who would rather practice law, than sit in front of a computer screen, grinding out content for days on end for the firm’s website that ultimately NO one is going to read, or take action from.

It couldn’t be any easier than that!

I’ll take your law firms current mission statement, your education or board certification then transform that content into a powerful brand identity, a unique marketing advantage, compelling copy for your landing page, law firm’s website, blog, social media, and or video blog that not only sounds like you while adding more legal fees to your bottom line, as well.

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How can "Just" writing words on a screen 

Make you a whole lot more in legal fees?

"Just" writing is probably “the” single best kept secret in the legal profession today that every legal marketing guru won’t ever tell you about, when it comes to attracting unlimited new clients.
Once you know how to effortlessly inspire prospects with the written word, to click, call, or stop in, well, you will never have another lean month, ever again!

Here's how I do it.
Using a diverse array of proven systems, strategies, and methodologies to write brilliant copy that differentiates my clients from the pack …

… I develop content in a way that’s proven to escalate conversion by getting prospects hooked from the moment they begin to read the initial headline.

You see, there is an exact science, art, and philosophy in order to create compelling content for a lawyer’s website, landing page, blog post, even social media.

science –

The science part of the three step formula is how I invested thousands of dollars on countless seminars, coaches, being mentored while building a vast personal library of the very best marketing books I could get my hands on from the masters who wrote direct response marketing 30, 50, even 100 years ago.

art –

Some athletes are naturally gifted to run a mile at blistering speed braking world records, others shatter powerlifting records, or knock out every opponent they step in front of in a boxing ring.  This is my thing, my “magnificent obsession” (and, just like any professional athlete, I continuously practice my skills).

How do you work with clients?

philosophy –

It all starts with a phone call, facetime, or skype.

We can work using your preferred method of communication. We'll go through every aspect of your ideal client (target audience) pinpointing every juicy pain center that triggers an immediate response to seek you out, as the obvious choice.

This is where most attorneys who either do it themselves, or retain an overpriced web development firm, go wrong.

Remember, if your website doesn’t convert eye-balls into a profitable lead, it’s the kiss of death to your law practice.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at how many law firms went out of business because they had a great looking website their mom would be proud of, yet never converted prospects into phone calls.

The majority of starched-up blowhard web developers in our profession start by writing, telling everyone how awesome you are, how many years you’ve been in practice, the millions of dollars you’ve recovered for clients.

What I call “name, rank, and serial number” (b-o-r-I-n-g)!!!
Please, don't tell me you’ve been duped into that exact approach.

Hey, don't worry. I'm here now.

Here's what lawyers should start doing (it's the hidden key that few attorneys never find out about).
They should start by digging for the exact “problem” their idea prospect (target audience) is currently facing, and then write about how they (their legal service) is the perfect solution to that problem.

Makes sense, right!?!

Sure it does.

Whether you’re a personal injury, medical malpractice, divorce, or criminal defense lawyer … actually, it doesn't matter what area of law you practice.
Human nature is still human nature!

I can quickly identify with pinpoint accuracy what you’ve been doing wrong, find out exactly what you need to say to your ideal target prospect (audience) that will make them want to take immediate action, choosing you over your biggest competitor (in your already oversaturated marketplace)!

And then start writing for you.
For openers, I'll need to size you up by understanding your style, voice, purpose, and what drives you as an attorney, while identifying your perfect vision of your law practice, so I can create content for you.

One of my prerequisites is to see if we can work together.
In other words, do we see “eye-to-eye” as to what works, or what spells emanate disaster to your future online marketing efforts.

After our initial consultation, I will quickly enter my “strategic copywriting war room” developing persuasive words that compel quality prospects to respond, so they hit the ground running to your law firm’s reception room, while converting a higher volume of “eyeballs” into hot leads.

Oh, I'll also make your brand, and legal service stand out from your competition so you look amazing, too.  It's all part of this turn-key, done for you service.

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Before we go any further a couple of things I need to address:
1) By no means am I a Monday morning quarterback! I have worked within various industries and professions as a direct marketing consultant, copywriter, and business coach that I built through my own direct marketing skills.

2) I became the go to “Maverick” behind some of the biggest gurus in the legal profession today that will never admit to having me write content for them.

I’ve written for them, because I know how to sell, and they know how to do what they do. (to put it bluntly, you'd be shocked if I told you who I've written for - but client confidentiality is critical, as you know).

3) Writing advertising copy for attorneys is one of my passions … I do it because I enjoy it. If for whatever reason I can't get behind your law practice, if we don't 'click', or I can't write in a way that makes you money...

No hard feelings, we will part as friends.

And finally:
I’m very selective with clients I decide to work with at this exclusive level, and I'm not the cheapest option either. 
However, I’m highly sought after as a ghostwriter who develops smoking hot copy, and well worth the small investment I charge. You can’t lose!

Think about this, could an extra $5,000.00 a month help improve your lifestyle?  In 12 consecutive months that’s a grand total of $60,000.00 in legal fees!


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