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What can maverick do for your law firm?

A whole lot!

For starters, whether you’ve heard of long-form sales copy, sales-based copywriting, sales letters, special reports, EBooks, increasing conversions, direct response marketing, lead generation pages or not ...

... As an attorney who wants to “crush it” by standing head and shoulders above your competition, you need to know one thing …

... My primary objective is to write blazing hot content that triggers prospective clients to chase you down, as the highly sought after expert of choice.

You see, I've always been fascinated by direct marketing since I was a kid, and have remained on the cutting edge with the vast nuances in direct marketing ever since. I’ll show you how to:

    • Get more prospects to retain your legal services

    • Get more prospects signing up for your opt-in list

    • Get more prospects converting into lucrative clients

Whatever you want your marketing copy to do, I’ll make sure it happens to your exact specifications.


I customize:

  • Wickedly Effective Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, and Opt-In Forms

  • Marketing Copy and Design for Your Lead Generation Funnel (From Start to Finish)!

  • Develop Content That Converts Prospects Into New Client Appointments

  • Custom Craft Emails For Your Auto-Responder

  • Vlog Script From Scratch (Your Own Video Sales Letter Script) That Converts

  • Automated Drip Email Marketing Campaign Sequence (Up To 30 Emails)

  • Direct Response Sales Letters, Special Reports, even EBooks Too (I’ve Cracked The Code When It Comes To Converting Skeptical Prospects Into Rock Solid New Clients)

What Do I Bring To The Table?

For starters, I have a monumental “advantage” over the majority of blowhard web developers in our profession who use an "obsolete" style of content creation, that’s awfully boring to your ideal prospect who’s seeking legal help.

When it comes to dominating and destroying your competition, you can’t depend on archaic models that will put your audience into a deep R.E.M. sleep, while forcing them to bounce to a competitor’s website in micro-seconds.

My undisputed style of direct marketing blends high impact, hard hitting, emotionally charged content that grabs your prospects by the collar so your website, social media, and SEO optimized blog obliterates your biggest competitor (who’s probably investing heavily in P.P.C. “Pay Per Click” campaigns).

My “maverick” style of content creation delivers traffic that converts as your website dominates the organic search rankings on Google.

There are three ways you can implement this dominate and destroy content marketing service with my:

Basic, Advanced, or Premium levels.

      Basic = 2 Blog Posts / Month for 3 Months

      Advanced = 4 Blog Posts / Month for 3 Months

      Premium = 6 Blog Posts / Month for 3 Months

My amazing team can also handle all of your social media marketing needs from Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, if that’s something you want to explore or need (and you probably do).

Sounds Good Jon, But How Much 

Is This Going To Cost?!

Great question.

I must admit that I am not the cheapest, nor am I the most expensive. If you were to think of me as a street legal race car it would be a Ferrari 458 Italia; a bit radical, a bit different, and definitely hot.

Once you’ve invested, you have quality to quickly build upon …

… Truthfully, my work starts at four figures, and here’s why it’s at the ideal price point for any attorney who wants to leap over their competition.

Because, I know the power of outrageously brilliant copywriting, I want you to be able to benefit just like I have.

A well-written piece of sales copy CAN generate tens of thousands back on your original investment, if not a whole lot more!

Ask Yourself This One Question …

How much in legal fees is “ONE” solid personal injury case worth to you ($5,000.00, $10,000.00, $30,000.00, maybe even $50,000.00 or MORE)!?!  Undeniably, a major portion of my copywriting is currently in the five plus figure range.

However, what substantiates my fee is …

1. I KNOW your market
2. I UNDERSTAND your target audience
3. I APPRECIATE the psychology of your demographic, and

4. I WRITE jaw-dropping content that makes people take immediate action to
   sign up for your legal services

Done correctly, when I write sales copy for you that equals a whole lot more money in your bank account.

In Fact, You Can Take That To The BANK!

Should you retain me, I would become your bunker buster bomb destroying your competition.

Understand this, I invested a king’s ransom along with a considerable amount of time and travel expenses to master my powerful salesmanship style of direct marketing for lawyers, getting the results they desperately need to build a successful practice where it’s “kill or be killed.”

YES, I’m that good.

My magnificent obsession has always been to …

Position the clients I work for as the "dominant" sought after leader in their marketplace, building a predictable high six, even seven figure income practicing law.

That way, you can:

1. Live the life of your dreams
2. Build a beautiful home
3. Send your kids to college
4. Go on exotic vacations with your family
5. Drive your dream luxury automobile
6. Leave a lasting legacy

If you would like to discover more about investing in your law firm’s long-term financial success, and see how retaining a pro-level copywriter can quickly transform your bottom line, then click the “Yes, I Want To Know MORE” button below, and I’ll send you an application form, ASAP!

Let’s obliterate your competition, together!

To YOUR Future Success,

Jonathan E. Bank
Call-Sign “Maverick

P.S. Don’t let your competition continue to eat up your profits by taking clients, referrals, and repeat business that should have been yours.

Simply, because your website and social media content puts prospects into a deep R.E.M. sleep because it’s so technically boring that it literally forces them to bounce to a competitor’s website.

Or, you don’t have a proven methodology that positions you as the “go to” attorney of choice in your saturated marketplace! Take action now.

Click the “Yes, I Want To Know MORE” button below, and I’ll send you an application form, ASAP!

PPS. Listen, I’ve got some great news if you can’t retain my services. If for whatever reason retaining a pro-level copywriter isn’t in your current budget, please click below to explore other options.

If that means pointing you in the direction of the best kept secret on the planet on copywriting for lawyers that I personally use every single day, over the last two decades to expand your practice, then that’s where our journey begins.

So, if you still want to get the kind of results to "dominate and destroy" your competition by creating a steady supply of lucrative clients from content that converts, writing persuasive copy that positions you as the “obvious” choice, click the link below to find out more, right NOW!


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